A Little About Me

I’ve been sewing since I was thirteen.  I started making clothes and later made dresses for my two daughters.  I made a dog coat, hat and boots for my friend back in 1998 and it ballooned from there.  I do an average of seventeen shows per year; from September-to-December.  My main sales seem to be from the dog coats and the double-fleece mittens; which I make some to match the dog coats so that dog owners can walk their dogs in style. I also do custom orders for the hard-to-buy-for dogs such as boxers and great danes.

Five years ago, I got into embroidery which opened a whole new variety of sewing projects.  These range from baby bibs and blankets to personalized dog coats, mittens and assorted towels.

My seven grandchildren keep me busy with their sewing projects.  They sure think it’s fun that Grandma can make them unique doll clothes, personalized sweatshirts and even putting their art into usable embroidered towels.

I also enjoy quilting and gardening.  I keep myself busy during the winter by hand-quilting blankets for my family.  I hope these will become family heirlooms one day.


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