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Pet Mats

3 Jan

The mats are double-sided fleece with a core of 1″ foam padding.  The fleece is sewn into the padding and therefore can be machine-washed without worry of shifting or bunching.  For daily cleaning, you can vacuum it as you would your carpet.  Customers have returned after 5 years and told me that their mats are still in good shape, but that it was time for a new print.  There are many different prints available and range from fun, colorful prints to decor-friendly prints.  The top of the mat is of printed fleece and the bottom has a coordinating solid color fleece.  These mats are not just for dogs, but cats enjoy them as well.  They attract fur and therefore keep it off of your furniture.  Mat sizes are as listed below; otherwise customized sizes can be made to fit into your pet’s kennel.

Large:  36″ x 36″

Medium: 28″ x 28″

Small: 22″ x 22″

Extra-Small: 18″ 18″